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[Fable 2] Secrets, Treasures and Easter Eggs [SPOILERS]

Discussie in 'Algemeen' gestart door Juunanagou, 21 okt 2008.

  1. Cookie

    Cookie #TaylorSwift XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:

    The gargoyle trove is under the bridge in Bowerstone Market, there is a
    whirlpool there you can dive into to reach it. When collecting gargoyles
    there is some tips to go by. First they make sounds, they talk, if you can
    hear something but can't make out any enemies or npcs more than likey it is
    the gargoyle. Secondly they glisten which makes them spottable in the most
    hidden places. Depending on how many you collect the gates around the area of
    the gargoyle trove will open up. The prizes are listed below.

    10 Gargoyles: Dog Tricks Growl Book.
    20 Gargoyles: Potion of Life
    30 Gargoyles: Emeraldx3
    40 Gargoyles: 10,000 gold
    50 Gargoyles: Ghoul Augment, Rotten Apple (Luckily this is a fake chest, whew),
    The Rammer (When shooting the wall behind the fake chest)

    The gargoyles are categorized by area and are given in the most detail, it
    helps to know the area, but you will be able to find them even if you just
    viewing the area for the first time. All 50 are recorded and once opening the
    final chest which gives you the legendary weapon "The Rammer" you will unlock
    the achievement as well.


    Bowerstone Market (4 Total)

    1. Coming from the Bower Lake enterance before crossing the bridge of the town
    go down the path by the water, after going under the bridge look to your right
    the gargoyle is just above on the wall.

    2. Coming from the Bower Lake enterance before crossing the bridge of the town
    take a right and go through a path the leads above the town's walls, if you
    follow it all the way to the end the gargoyle is above the gate.

    3. Coming from the Bower Lake enterance before crossing the bridge of the town
    go inside the carriage shop to your left it is inside on the left wall.

    4. Go into the furniture shop and go up stairs run to the last room and then
    look to the left above the enterance you just came in it is on the corner of
    the wall.


    Bowerstone Old Town (2 Total)

    1. From the market enterance travel to the dead end with the huge tree, right
    before the tree the house on the right called "The Felling Residence" has the
    gargoyle above the staircase, when you walk up the stairs turn 180 degrees
    you can't miss it.

    2. This one is on the main steps that go from the market to the cemetery, if
    you remember the child quest where you had to get rid of the bettles in the
    storage room it is by this area, if you stand at the top of the stairs and
    look in the direction of the cemetery enterance you can see just to your right
    above on a little tower just left of the storage room.


    Fairfax Gardens (3 Total)

    1. Looking at the grand castle from the front if you take aim and look way
    above you will see it in a little cove.

    2. [Story Based] You need to get to the point in the story where you can accept
    the quest Love Hurts, once you can when you enter Lady Grey's Tomb, before you
    jump down the hole if you look straight across the gargolye is right there.

    3. [End Game] Once you beat the game and buy fairfax mansion go to the library
    and the gargoyle is on the wall above the enterance of it.


    Oakfield (3 Total)

    1. Behind the sculptor's house on the outside wall.

    2. The bridge you go across the water to head to the Sandgoose Inn has the
    gargoyle on the left side of it, go off the pass and in the grass on either
    side of the bridge to see it.

    3. Going towards the light temple there is a big pool of water, swim across
    that to the otherside of the small lake once you are out look to the left and
    up on the pillars the gargoyle is in the middle of the two.


    Bowerstone Cemetery (5 Total)

    1. [Story Based] After completing the quest Love Hurts and then buying the
    cemetery mansion you can unlock the gates to Shelly Crypt. Inside here when
    you get to the part where you have to shoot the orbs to reveal the walkways
    at the end of the room turn to your right about 90 degrees and you will see
    the gargoyle inbetween two rocks, this one is hard to see unless you look good.

    2. Near the gate of Shelly Crypt if you look to the left above the gate there
    is a tower that houses a gargoyle.

    3. If you go to the south of your map, in an area with a ton of tombs, walk up
    the stairs and look to your left up above the tallest tomb is the gargoyle.

    4. Just a bit away from point #3 the next set of steps if you go up them and
    then turn 180 degrees look way up on the roof of the tomb that houses a chest
    and you will see it.

    5. From point #4 if you go all the way south to the dead end approach the
    house then turn around 180 degrees and look to your left, the gargoyle will
    be on the roof of the tombs facing outward.


    Bower Lake (6 Total)
    Strangely enough they say only 5 in this area but there are really 6 of them.

    1. [Story Based] When getting the quest to Rescue Charley the Tomb of Heroes
    opens, when you get to an area with a pool of water in the center of the room
    go through the next door above the giant arch once you go through it turn
    around and look above, it is right above what you just came through.

    2. Coming from the Gypsy Camp and going towards the Old Tomb which is in the
    middle of the lake, before you jump into the water look to the right where all
    the pillars are scattered the gargoyle is inbetween where there is a hole in
    the pillars.

    3. Going inside "The Old Tomb" there is a gargoyle when you reach the spot
    where you are swimming in water and you can see pillars just coming over the
    top of the water, keep going and go up the tunnel you will now be above this
    spot, jump down one and go back to the next edge turn around 180 degrees so
    you are facing the cave you just exited and look way up to the ceiling it is
    up there.

    4. Coming from the Gypsy Camp before you cross the main bridge that goes over
    the water look to your left there is a waterfall, go to the left and follow
    the small patch of grass to get as close to the waterfall as possible. the
    lake above the waterfall to the right up the rocks is the gargoyle it is hard
    to pinpoint but you can see just it's head.

    5. From Brightwood road take the path that splits right just above the stone
    archway is the gargoyle.

    6. Going through this archway and on the otherside if you follow the path a
    bit out turn around and face it and look way up on the tower that is connected
    to the archway it is up there.


    Brightwood (5 Total)

    1. Go up the first part of the Brightwood Tower, to where the story took place
    with the teleporter, if you go to the west edge of the teleporter you can
    vault off the ledge into a broken tower which loads up Archon's Knot. As
    soon as it loads go to the stairs and look behind you it is in a small tunnel.

    2. [Story Based] After you rescue the second hero you can then buy the
    Brightwood Tower, once you do go to the very top with the bed on it, go to the
    center towards the bed then turn about 145 degrees towards the window where
    you can see an edge of the outside tower, shoot out the window twice and get
    a good vantage point and you will see the gargoyle just outside the window,
    can be hard to miss so move around for the best view.

    3. The huge lake on the southeast of your map there is a ruined building on an
    island, if you swim to it then go all the way around it till ur path stops and
    look up the gargoyle will be just above.

    4. Inside the Forsaken Fortress when you get to the part where there is two
    staircases that split off in different directions, take the right one and go
    about half the distance of the whole path turn to your right by some trees and
    you will the gargoyle sitting there on a pillar the same as your height. Easy
    to miss if you don't look closely.

    5. From the Westcliff Road port if you go to the west you can see three
    arches, the gargoyle is right above on the bridge, extremely easy to see.


    Westcliff (5 Total)

    1. From the Brightwood Road enterance, follow down a ways you should see
    pillars and a shack if you turn to your right towards the archway the gargoyle
    is sitting on it.

    2. From point #1. Go forward just past the shack and take the path to the
    right climb up the broken down tower one side of it will let you dive off into
    the stream below the other side will let you vault off, vault off and you will
    be on a little grassy platform with a chest and the gargoyle just above it.

    3. Outside the Howling Halls the huge structure around you has one. If you go
    to the middle of the stairs that lead into the Howling Halls and turn around
    look to your left up a bit it is on the corner where the archways start, easy
    to miss it really blends in so look good.

    4. [Story Based] Inside the Howling Halls, once you get to the spiked pit,
    stop befor corssing and look over to your right about 45 degrees from facing
    the exit on that side, on the wall you will see the gargoyle.

    5. Going towards the docks this one is simple at the top of the path before
    running down just look up a bit the gargoyle is on a rock just a bit above
    your height.


    Wraithmarsh (6 Total)

    1. From where you started, when you were locked up in the cage, the first like
    house to your right once you walk in look to your left the gargoyle is right
    above you on some rafters.

    2. After crossing the lake from point #1, you will get to a large house that
    has a shed attached to it. The shed is jutted out, go around the left side
    when facing the shed the gargoyle is just up a bit on the wall.

    3. [Story Based] Inside the Shadow Court, take the left set of stairs when it
    splits and follow it all the way down till you come with a walkway of spikes,
    run past these then turn around the gargoyle will be above the archway you
    just entered.

    4. When you cross the Oakvale bridge, follow this path till you see some
    ruins, if you go on the right path between the ruins there is a chest under
    the bridge, from that chest turn around and look above at the pillars the
    gargoyle is housed there.

    5. When you get to the point of a huge pool of fog and tons of tombs clamed
    together, follow the path just past this part and then turn around the very
    last tomb on your right will have the gargoyle.

    6. Inside Twinblades Tomb at the very end in the room with the coffin, turn
    around the doorway you just entered it is just a tad above that.


    Bloodstone (4 Total)

    1. Jump into the water on the waterfront and swim to your right, go behind the
    rocks and there is a little snady platform here, climb on it and the gargoyle
    is right in front of you on some rocks when you are facing towards the sea.

    2. Go between the boat house and the house on the left, you can clearly see it
    on a cliff just a bit above your height.

    3. Just past the boat house on the docks, there is a crane this is the second
    crane in the series starting from the waterfront, the gargoyle is on the crane
    once you get behind it. Can't miss it.

    4. [Story Based] Once you get past the sink hole and take the ship to Lion's
    Head Island to gather 10 pieces of the pirates treasure, follow the path until
    you come into the large water area with the huge tree on an island and tons of
    waterfalls. When you climb the slope to get out of the area, the waterfall in
    front of you just to the left the gargoyle is sitting on a cliff.


    Rookridge (5 Total)

    1. From the Wellspring cross the tracks that has a large tower with a pulley
    on top of it, the gargoyle is on this tower.

    2. When you go inside the Hobbe Cave, follow the path until you get to a big
    room with wooden structures and chains it is a room where you have to climb
    the slope to get up top. This thing was hard to find at first, I heard it, I
    just couldn't see it so be aware it may take you some time to try to pin point
    it out. Climb the stairs to the top, before you enter the next room face
    towards the doorway you came out below. The gargoyle is on the celing just
    above your height.

    3. [Story Based] Outside the Temple of Shadows just as you enter the gates
    from getting admitted in, before entering the temple if you go past the stairs
    to the large area with the two statues and the huge windows. Face them then
    turn to your right, the archway behind the archways that make up the area has
    the gargoyle on it. It blends in really good so you need to catch that little
    glimmer of light to see it.

    4. [Story Based] Inside the Temple of Shadows, once in the main room with the
    wheel of death go to the left, walk in this room and turn around the gargoyle
    will be above the doorway you just walked through.

    5. Just outside of Hobbe Cave to the right is the gargoyle on a little cliff.
    If you beat the part in the story where you went through this cave it is a
    nightmare to find, because you can't dive down into the water once the bridge
    is fixed. I could see it way above but I couldn't for the life of me remember
    where and how to get back down there. Luckily after some frustration I decided
    to port to Hobbe Cave and walk out, sure enough I was on the beach. Hope that


    Bandit Coast (2 Total)

    1. Before reaching the main camp coming from the Brightwood Road port, there
    is an area that splits two paths, stay to the left to find the hidden small
    path that follows the mountain outward, the area can be best described with a
    wooden structure and two flags, it is south and towards the seas. Following
    this path will come to a door that will load up a room with a chest, the
    gargoyle is on the left inside the hole.

    2. Inside the bandit camp if you run up the ruined tower the gargoyle will be
    at eye level on a pillar wall.

    Ik heb alleen de eerste 10 gedaan voor die Growl dog trick.
  2. Kapitein_Merijn

    Kapitein_Merijn PSN: Kapitein_Merijn

    Leuk Bevonden:
    hoe krijg ik de dool in the guiild open?

    hee vraagje,ik heb de special edition, maar krijg die doos in de guild niet open waarbij je de rreactie"visit www.fable2.com" maar als ik dat in typ kom ik op de xbox site,die me helaas niet verder helpt=( what 2 do? grz
  3. heuft

    heuft Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
  4. Shcaap

    Shcaap Liev Gastje

    Leuk Bevonden:
    eerst het hero theater ding doen terwijl je met je gamertag bent ingelogd en je Special Edition code activeren.
    Je kan dat ding maar 1x openen. Dus als je em al open hebt gehaald voor je alle zooi hebt, moet je een nieuwe game beginnen.
  5. Bonbridge

    Bonbridge Hi!

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Niet waar je kan hem wel 2 keer openen. Ik had hem al geopent. Daarna pas de theater uitgespeeld. De kist was geloof ik nog wel open maar de items lager er wel opeens. Dus hier moet je je niet druk om maken.

    In Bowerstone Cemetry (graveyard), die twee bronzen beelden. Als het masker er af valt is het dan wel goed of niet goed? Ik dacht dat ik de foute expressions had gedaan toen dat gebeurde maar hierboven zegt Juun dat dat goed is..
  6. heuft

    heuft Active Member

    Leuk Bevonden:
    ik dacht ook dat je die kist maar 1 keer kon openen. het staat er ook duidelijk als je op die link klikt. misschien dat mensem met de LE editie het 2 keer kunnen doen.

    en bedankt voor die Gargyole uitleg. eindelijk die irritante gargyole kunnen vinden.
  7. Hybrid

    Hybrid Well-Known Member

    Leuk Bevonden:

    Als het gezicht eraf valt is het goed. Ik moest het ook doen toen ik naar het Diachi Katana zocht, toen het gezicht eraf viel ging er een deur open.
  8. Kapitein_Merijn

    Kapitein_Merijn PSN: Kapitein_Merijn

    Leuk Bevonden:
    heb al die dingen wel doordat ik de LE heb,maar ook een vraagje; hoeveel items kun je uit de minigame van 'a hero's tale' halen? heb nu de chicken suit,de hero doll+tattoo en de pink dye+nasty exprassion. any more? im a greedy person:p
  9. Kapitein_Merijn

    Kapitein_Merijn PSN: Kapitein_Merijn

    Leuk Bevonden:
    hero's tale items

    hey lui vraagje; hoe veel items kun je uit de hero's tale halen? heb er nu 3; chicken suit, lionhead tattoo+hero doll en dye+expression, is there any more? im a greedy personO-)
    o ja en zag dat sommigen de doos in the cave meerdere malen konden openen maar helaas... toen ik een nieuwe game starte zaten ze er wel bij,naast hal's suit.
  10. Juunanagou

    Juunanagou Live streamer XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Is inderdaad goed. Je moet alleen wel heel goed rond kijken, wat er open is gegaan of wat er gebeurd is.

    Van de graveyard:
    Eentje op de graveyard ging een deur open naar een mini dungeon. Als ik me goed herinner rechts achter je.

    En de andere met vulgar thrust opend 1 van de tombs achter het standbeeld waar je op een balletje moet schieten, en die vervolgens volgen.
  11. Viktortje

    Viktortje Rest in pieces!

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Ik weet niet of jullie deze al wisten.

    Als je het het duurste huis uit het spel hebt gekocht (Firefox Castle ofzo).
    Moet je gaan slapen in je royale bed, wanneer je wakker wordt zegt de butler dat je kasteel wordt aangevallen door monsters, wanneer je alle monsters hebt verslagen wijst de butler je op een geheime ingang (achter een boekenkast in de boekenkamer)
    volg die kamer en je moet een paar puzzels oplossen, je moet een soort orb neerschieten en dan de volgende meteen erna, doe je het te traag dan moet je overnieuw.

    Het is best pittig! als je ermee klaar bent kom je in een kamer.
    Deze kamer is de secret, er ligt een potion in het midden van de kamer, je hoort een stem dat het een potion is waarmee je een vrouw kan worden!
    Als je de potion slikt wordt je voor altijd een vrouw, als je hem niet neemt is de kans verkeken en mag je nooit meer de potion pakken!

    Ik pakte de potion en dronk hem per ongeluk op.
    Ik veranderde in een vrouw, toen ik thuis kwam zij me dochter, welcome back mum!
    En me vrouw was gewoon blij me te zien8)

    Ik vond het wel vet!
    Hebben jullie dat ook al gezien?
  12. Cookie

    Cookie #TaylorSwift XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Is echt al erg vaak gepost :+ En het is een aardige spoiler dus ik zet hem even in tags. De waarschuwing staat in de titel maar hele missies vertellen is niet echt tof vind ik.

    Ben zelf van een vrouw naar een man gegaan en in dit spel ziet dat er tenminste normaal uit. Een vrouw met alles 5 sterren is niet echt super.
  13. Zer0 Hiro

    Zer0 Hiro In the digital flesh

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Lol @ Firefox castle,
    hoort Castle Fairfax te zijn en je vecht tegen thugs niet monsters. Ik wist gelukkig wel wat de potion zou doen dus heb hem lekker niet genomen. zonde van mijn brute Archmage. heb bijna alle skills op 5.
  14. Juunanagou

    Juunanagou Live streamer XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Er is trouwens een glitch waarbij je em oneindig keer kan gebruiken.

    Laatst bewerkt: 6 nov 2008
  15. Rbz NL

    Rbz NL Xbox Juan XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Ik wil t eigenlijk ook wel maar dat kasteel is zo ziekelijk duur :p:p
  16. Zer0 Hiro

    Zer0 Hiro In the digital flesh

    Leuk Bevonden:
    na the temple of light gekocht te hebben stroomde het geld bij mij lekker binnen. zit nu ong 15.000 per 10 minuten ofzo
  17. Opper

    Opper Xbox 360 nub

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Ik heb de potion gepakt en gewoon mee naar buiten genomen. Ik ben nog steeds dezelfde gender als in t begin.

    Geen idee hoe ik t gedaan heb, maar t is me gelukt :D

    Over die speciale chest in die Guild, ik heb die theater 2x gedaan en ik krijg het volgende:


    Voor zover ik weet heb ik nog nooit dit gedaan :eek:. Meerdere mensen die hier last van hebben?
    Laatst bewerkt: 13 nov 2008
  18. marcel d1

    marcel d1 DinoTaurus

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Hoe maak je aan het eind die deadmans chest open, in die quest met die geesten van zeerovers??
  19. Fiasco

    Fiasco Multicultureel XBW.nl VIP

    Leuk Bevonden:
    Je bedoelt in die kajuit van die geest ? Moet je even in die kast naast het bed 'A' indrukken, daar zit tie in. :)

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